“ organiseit’s digital archiving and security measures certainly ensure you have the right protection for files, including no unwarranted intrusions into your highly private files. organiseit has enabled my team to file and archive 30-day account applications for our group of dealerships in one secure location. This ensures we don’t have different dealerships chasing up 2nd or 3rd applications from a customer, when one is already on file. organiseit archiving has been, and will continue to be, a great cost and time saving application.”

Metro Ford – A.P. Eagers
Scott Goodrick, Credit Manager

“ We implemented organiseit in Aftersales – and would never go back. Averaging 90 repair orders per day, everything on the job card bundle gets quickly fed through the scanning hardware. Once scanned the RO bundle and customer invoice is electronically filed, reducing the need to have paper copies in storage.”

Surfers City Holden – A.P. Eagers
Christian Sullivan, Service Manage

“ Implementing organiseit into the Finance Brokerage Business in 2014 allowed us to streamline our Audit & Compliance approach and implement a rigorous framework to ensure all relevant lending documentation is stored securely and accessible seamlessly at various locations throughout Australia. I thoroughly recommend organiseit for the efficient management and storage of documents.”

Lend Advantage – A.P. Eagers
Michael Voysey, General Manager

“ organiseit is easy to use and has made the storage and retrieval of documentation in our office very effective and efficient. Mark and his team provide a quick and friendly support service and are always willing to assist us with any queries.”

Airpower NT – Part Of The Kerry’s Group
Janine Honner, Administration Manager

“ After using organiseit for the past 5 years here at Caloundra City Autos we are benefitting by reducing our storage requirements, increasing the timeliness to recall past files for reconciling and audit purposes, while also creating a secure network for multiple users to access.”

Caloundra City Autos – A.P. Eagers
Matt Roy, Financial Controller

“ 6 years ago we became the first A.P. Eagers Group dealership to run organiseit. Since then we have found it to be an excellent choice of database software to store our files electronically. It is safe and secure, and fast retrieval has been the greatest of its many features; which now include an Automation option.”

Metro Ford – A.P. Eagers
Jay Kuhlar, Metro Ford Financial Controller

“ Finally – no more searching filing cabinets or archives! organiseit is simple, fast and efficient.”

Armstrong Auto Group
Katrina Cook, Administration Manager, Armstrong Auto Group Pty Ltd

“ We have been using organiseit for over two years now, and every day we find yet another use for the program. Everything we need is only a click away. Auditors love it!”

Llewellyn Motors
Rachele Lacey, Administration Manager, Llewellyn Motors

“ As one of the largest volume Toyota dealerships in Australia, we create a lot of documentation. Using organiseit we know our data is securely stored and the retrieval for accounting is the biggest benefit.”

Southside Toyota – AP Eagers
Melissa Trost, Accountant, Southside Toyota

“ 7 years ago we implemented organiseit in one of our dealerships to be innovative and go paperless. Retrieval has been the biggest benefit – with all our dealerships now using organiseit.”

Von Bibra Motor Group
Norm Land, Group Financial Controller, Von Bibra Motor Group

“ organiseit has eliminated the problem of lost documentation, and now we have added Automate it to organiseit, it is even easier to use. Document storage and retrieval has never been easier.”

Ralph D’Silva Motor Group
Michael Hewitt, Financial Controller, Ralph D’Silva Motor Group

“ organiseit is a product that frankly no business should be without. Our managers can now retrieve documents immediately and speak glowingly of the product. We save on office space and filing expense. organiseit’s testimonial list is a ‘Who’s–Who’ of the motor industry; dealers should definitely trial this product”.

Noble Toyota
Stephen Horn, Financial Controller, Noble Toyota

“ organiseit has allowed us to simplify the storage of documents and gives our other offices fast access to these files, as required. Our Business Managers and Brokers now have all details at their fingertips. Fully ASIC compliant and secure, all personal information is protected. It’s a great product – and simple.”

A.P. Eagers Limited
Rocky Mollusco, BDM/Business Broker, A.P. Eagers Limited

“ We have been using organiseit for over 5 years now and have recently expanded its use throughout our business. It has proven itself over the years to be a robust system that has allowed us to retrieve documents quickly and easily. We have no hesitation in recommending this product to any organisation.”

The Kloster Group
Tony Stamenkovski, IT Manager, The Kloster Group

“ We implemented organiseit in our Aftersales area which averages 90 RO’s per day, and would never go back. While there are numerous benefits to the system the most valuable for us is the ability to access previous job cards, including detailed technician write-ups, damage reports and diagnostic results, all within seconds.”

Noble Automotive
David Sainsbury, Group Service Manager, Noble Automotive

“ Northern Motor Group has been using organiseit for the past 7 years and we have never looked back. From 90+ repair orders per day, to invoices and contracts, all our documents are only a click away. The time savings this system has given us (in archiving and retrieving, when required) is immeasurable.”

Northern Motor Group
Alf Gemayel, Fixed Operations Manager, Northern Motor Group

“ We have found organiseit it to be a very powerful tool for managing dealership documentation. It allows us to confidently run back-scanning procedures before securely destroying files, saving valuable office space. Staff also use smartphone technology to integrate with organiseit’s software, providing even greater efficiencies.”

Southern Classic Group
Tim Koppel, Financial Controller, Southern Classic Group

“ We use organiseit for the high level of security and compliance we require on all our finance documentation, plus fast retrieval and the time it saves us auditing.”

Torque Group – AP Eagers
Matt Roberts, Group Finance Manager, Torque Group

“organiseit has completely transformed our office environment. If we had to go back to the old ways, I would need another two staff members to make it as efficient as it is now using organiseit for archiving and retrieval”

Graeme Brown
Financial Controller - Trinity Auto Group

“The paperless society is now closer with organiseit’s help – no more boxes. The storage and retrieval of paper documents was a nightmare, but not for us now, thanks to organiseit.”

David Deas
Financial Controller - Brighton Holden – Tony White Group

“To have all of our archived documents only a mouse click away, adding security, reducing storage needs, and ease of use for multiple uses, results in organiseit being a great asset to our dealership.”

Matthew Roy
Financial Controller - Caloundra City Motors – AP Eagers Group

“We use organiseit automateit software for storing our repair orders, deal packs, documents and computer generated data for easy and compliant archiving”

Karen Sawyer
Financial Controller - Daimler Trucks Adtrans

“organiseit has been extremely helpful for my staff due to the ease of finding documents in seconds, rather than minutes or hours spent wading through stored documents. It’s nothing short of fabulous, saving us time and money.”

Tony Perry
Group Financial Controller - Tony Ireland Townsville

“With easy retrieval of documents, no storage files needed and being simple to use, organiseit is a must for any organization that stores paper documents.”

Tony Hilliger
Financial Controller - Col Crawford Lifestyle Cars

“We were running out of storage space due to increased sales generating more paperwork. Since installing organiseit software 12 months ago, scanned documents can now be found in minutes; over searching archives.”

Dharma Karthikeya
Financial Controller - Peninsula Motor Group

“We first used organiseit at a previous dealership and it was a success. When I moved to Bill Buckle, a multi-franchise/multi-site dealership, I installed organiseit for fast deal retrieval and better auditing processes!”

Natasha Daley
Financial Controller - Bill Buckle Auto Group

“organiseit puts all of your paperwork off your desk and out of filing cabinets to just a click away! Efficient, user-friendly paper storage. Best thing for our dealership!”

Debra Brunjes
Financial Controller - Southside Honda - AP Eagers Group

“organiseit is excellent because I have all my documents at my finger tips and we don’t have to store boxes of papers. I can access them quickly. We also get excellent service from the Organise IT team.”

Gaybrielle Jones
Financial Controller - Byrne Motor Group

“I have never come across a better method of archiving than organiseit. I have worked with a few dealerships in my time and each one uses organiseit mainly for the fact that it is reliable and document retrieval is so quick and easy.”

Jay Kuhler
Financial Controller - Metro Ford, Newstead, QLD - AP Eagers Group

“organiseit was the quickest most efficient and trouble free package of software we had ever had installed in our Dealership.”

Kerry Ambrose Pearce
Kerrys Automotive Group, Darwin

“Wagga Motors have been using organiseit for 18 months now and we honestly don\u2019t know how we ever operated without it. It has radically changed our processes for the storage and more importantly the recovery of information. Everything is literally at our finger tips, which has resulted in a huge improvement in the efficiency of our accounts department. Our office is now almost paperless and it is really noticeable how clean the office is without folders and boxes cluttering our workspace. Every dealership should have organiseit, it\u2019s the way a modern office should function! “

Ben Ryan
Financial Controller - Wagga Motors Pty Ltd

“organiseit is a quick and easy, hassle-free document management database; no more lost paperwork or contracts gone missing. Support from the tech team is immediate.“

Deb Thomas
Financial Controller - Northern Motor Group, Bundoora, VIC

”organiseit is the most reliable software I have ever had sitting on one of our servers with a low maintenance experience rarely achieved with any other software products within the motor industry. Our main focus was to make space within our dealerships when we went ahead with organiseit. We have now been using organiseit for a number of years and were the first dealer group to venture with the installation of organiseit software. We have to say our biggest benefits are in the retrieval speed of the data and the ease and functionality of using the product. We now run organiseit in all of our dealerships.”

Allan Slev
IT Manager - Warren Von Bibra Group QLD

“As an APRA regulated insurer our documentation must be recoverable in the event of a disaster and available for internal and external auditors; organiseit enables us to retrieve documents painlessly, saving time when required.”

Michelle Cameron
Sovereign Insurance Australia, John Hughes Group